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Cheat mode:
Highlight "Options Mode" at the main menu. Press Down to highlight
"Options: ", then press Left or Right until "Options: Cheat
Codes" appears. Press X. Then, enter one of the following
case-sensitive cheat codes. Then, highlight "Accept" and press X.

All locations and cars:
Enter rimbuk or pennyThug as a case-sensitive code to unlock all
locations and cars in arcade mode.

All cars:
Enter theCollector or nimbuk as a case-sensitive code to unlock all
cars in arcade mode.

All locations:
Enter Globetrotter as a case-sensitive code to unlock all locations
in arcade mode.

Enhanced in-air control:
Enter carcrobatics as a case-sensitive code. Note: This is not

Guns, rockets, nitrous, and no damage:
Enter immortal as a case-sensitive code. Note: Press L3 and R3 to
fire the weapons.

All modes:
Enter dextran as a case-sensitive code to unlock all modes.
Guns and rockets:
Enter savethekids as a case-sensitive code. Play in arcade mode,
then press L3 and R3 to fire.

Unlimited nitrous:
Enter greenLantern as a case-sensitive code to get unlimited nitrous
boosters in arcade mode. Note: This also adds nitrous to mototcycles

No damage:
Enter gladiator as a case-sensitive code to become immune to most
damage in arcade mode. Note: If you burnout, there will be damage on
your damage meter. However, if you hit something at a high speed you
will not see or get damage from that impact.

Traffic while on online cruise:
Complete the game 100% without codes. Then, go online and enter
bangedup as a case-sensitive code. Start a cruise with four or less
players. Note: The code cannot be activated until online with game
is 100% complete.

Adjust game speed:
Enter one of the following case-sensitive codes to set the game
speed. howfastcanitbe0 is the slowest setting, and howfastcanitbe9
is the fastest.


Adjust game difficulty:
Enter one of the following case-sensitive codes to select a
difficulty setting. howhardcanitbe0 is the easiest setting, and
howhardcanitbe9 is the most difficult.


Defeat five motorcycles in a long race.
Los Angeles police car:
Win all the circuit races in Los Angeles in arcade mode.

Paris police car:
Win all the circuit races in Paris in arcade mode.

Tokyo police car:
Win all the circuit races in Tokyo in arcade mode.

Win all the races in Los Angeles, Paris, and Tokyo in arcade mode to
unlock the SLF450X. It is the fastest car in the game and can hit
250 mph with no boost. You can only use it in arcade mode.

Win all six of the World Champion's races (Savo).

Zoom on mini-map:
Press Down/Left or Down/Right to zoom in and out of the mini-map at
the bottom left corner.

Hint: Quick start:
At the starting line when the countdown begins, hold R1 to peel out,
and then move back and forth to sway the car. This will move you
forward slightly, and will give you a better starting position.

Note: This trick requires a car with nitrous. At the start of the
race begin by doing a burnout (hold R1 + X). When the word "Go"
appears, press R2 for nitrous, and depending on your car, you will
start off going anywhere between 120 to 200+ mph.

Hint: Always start in correct direction:
While doing the burnout start trick (hold R1 + X), move the Left
Analog-stick Left or Right in order to line up with were you want to

Hint: Boost:
The Veloci and SLF450x vehicles have a boost option. Once you go
over 60 mph, hold R1 to get a speed boost. Note: Handling will get
difficult when this is done; using it on a straightaway may work

When riding the Cohete (motorcycle) and accelerating, briefly hold
L1 to pop a wheelie. This will give you more acceleration/speed.
Information in this section was contributed by Wiseguy.
With any car, after you start to accelerate hold R1 and it will
speed up your car.

After using a slipstream, press Nitrous quickly to go at least 180

Hint: Los Angeles: Easy motorcycle win:
On the motorcycle level, the best strategy is to knock your
opponents off their motorcycles by ramming into them. You can get a
good start in the beginning of the race by doing the "burning
rubber" strategy and moving to the left into two of the motorcycles
and knocking them off.

Find the Cathedral. Once there, you will see the doors. They appear
as if you cannot go through them. However, you can drive straight
into them and they will open, allowing your car to go through.

Hint: Easy turning with motorcycles:
Hold L2 while driving and use the Analog-stick to make any type of
turn. On straightaways, hold Up to duck down to prevent drag.

[yHint: Powerslide:

Enable the "Unlimited nitrous" code. Get a motorcycle and begin
arcade mode. Find a good straightaway and hold Weight Shift. When
you are going fast use the brake and the nitrous at the same time.
You will powerslide around faster. It is useful for 180 turns in

Hint: Wheelies and side burns:
While playing with any car or motorcycle, hold L1 and drive above 20
mph. Then, while holding down L1, press the Left Analog-stick Left
or Left Analog-stick Right with a car and they will turn on their
left or right, enabling them to drive sideways. With a motorcycle,
press Left Analog-stick Down and you will pop a wheelie. However,
you can also press Forward and Forward/Left or Forward/Right to bend
down more and be able to do tremendous turns.

Get a motorcycle and do a wheelie for at least three seconds. Then,
pull back all the way on the Analog-stick. If done correctly, you
will be perfectly balanced.

If you have the Veloci, you can do a wheelie by going onto two
wheels and pressing both brakes until you turn around. Then, press
the gas to do a wheelie. Using nitro while doing the wheelie will
help keep you in it.

Go to cruise mode and select London. Find a four lane street and ram
into one of the buildings on either side. Hold R2 then hold Square.
You will start to go in reverse. When you are kist about to hit the
other building on the other side of the road, hold X and you will do
a wheelie for a short period of time.

Hint: Endo/Nosie/Front Hand Stand:
While riding a motorcycle, hold Weight Transfer (L1) and press the
Left Analog-stick Forward. Apply the normal brakes (Square) The bike
will then balance on its front wheel.

Hint: Endo burnout:
Get a bike and select cruise mode. Go about 20 to 40 miles a hour.
Do a endo by using weight transfer (L1, Square, L3, Up). When you
successfully have done the endo and still have it, hold X + R1 to do
a burnout. You should spin while doing it, and can hold it longer.

Hint: One wheel 180:
While going about 100 mph or more on a motorcycle, pull a medium to
high wheelie, press Analog-stick Down and do an endo. Press the
Analog-stick Left or Right at the same time to do a front wheel 180
degree turn.

Hint: 360:
Drive a car to at least 135 mph, then press R1 + Square as if you
are doing a 180 turn; only use the Left Analog-stick in the
direction you want to go.
Information in this section was contributed by Onekid93.
When going at least 130 mph and driving straight, hold Right or Left
+ Reverse to do a perfect 360.

Hint: Rocket Bolt:
Choose a motorcycle and enable the "Guns and rockets" code. Pop a
wheelie in any level. During the wheelie press the Right
Analog-stick. It should go up and down and hit the ground.

Hint: Barrel roll:
After you unlock the "Driving On Two Wheels" cheat, go to arcade
mode and select "Cruise" and a fast car. Then, press the Weight
Transfer + Left Analog-stick to get onto two wheels when on a long
straight-a-way. Go down the straight-a-way and gain speed. When you
reach a turn, use the handbrake to make an extremely sharp turn. If
you gained enough speed and turned the correct way, you should have
flipped over and landed back on your wheels. In order for this to
work, you must take physics into consideration. If you go on your
right side wheels, you must turn left to do a barrel roll and vice

Hint: Front and back flips:
Win the first few Gina races to unlock the weight shifting ability.
Then, go off of any big jump, hold L1, and hold Analog-stick Forward
or Away to do a flip. Cars that this can be done with are the
Saikou, the Saikou XS, and the Victory. The best places to do them
are in Paris. Try the glass pyramid into the street and off the big
jump over the water after the red tube jump. The big jump is on the
right-most side of your map and is a small gray rectangle.

Hint: Two wheel 360:
This trick requires the ability to go on two wheels with your car.
Select a car and enter arcade mode. Select cruise as the mode. The
best car to use is the SLF450X because it is the fastest. Enable the
"All cars" code to unlock it, if needed. Go onto the Freeway .While
on it, use nitro. After the Nitro has stopped quickly hold L1 +
Analog-stick Left while using R1 to handbrake. If done correctly,
you will do a 360 on two wheels and land on all four wheels facing
the same direction you started on. You can also do this with
pressing Analog-stick Right.

Hint: Jumping car:
Enable the "Guns and rockets" code. Choose any car (will not work
with motorcycles) and drive it up to a wall. Hold R3 and five or six
missiles will shoot out. With every explosion, your car goes higher.
Note: Enabling the "Invincibility" code is also recommended.

Hint: Slip stream turbo:
Line up in the wake of the car ahead of you, watching air streams
and listening for the draft noise. Stay in this sweet spot for a few
moments until the meter fills up with red, and then press Nitro (R2)
to slip ahead of your opponents. Note: You cannot use this until you
defeat three people in career mode.

Hint: Losing the police:
When side by side with a police car, find a tree or pole ahead that
is on the side nearest to the police car. Push the police car into
the tree or pole.

When a police car is directly behind you, find a tree or pole ahead.
Drive directly toward it and when near, take a sharp turn away from
it. The police car will smash into the tree or pole.

Hint: See driver:
Get a car and drive up towards a wall. Try to make the car do a
wheelie against the wall. Once you are up and against it, move your
car slightly and look at the back of your car by pressing L2.

Hint: Graffiti:
Look at some of the graffiti on the walls in Los Angeles to find
some interesting things. Near a wall by the airport is graffiti that
says "Vice City", referring to the fact that Rockstar made both
Midnight Club 2 and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. There is also saw a
wall that had "Rockstar" on it.

Go to the dry trench in Los Angeles. You will see graffiti on the
sloped part of the trench. You can find the names of other Rockstar
games such as Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and M.C. (Midnight Club).

Hint: Easy wins in Capture The Flag mode:
Get the item, stop, and allow one of your opponents to get the flag.
Then, go all the way to the finish line and stay there. When your
opponent is racing down to the finish line, quickly use stop on his
or her car. While stuck there, ram into their car, get the flag, and
bring it to the finish line. Note: This trick may not work if not
executed properly. Also. to avoid your opponent's attacks, get a
shield or stealth.

Hint: Easy wins in Circuit races:
Enable the "Nitrous" and "Guns and rockets" codes. Use a motorcycle
of your choice. At the beginning of the race, use the "Burnout"
strategy and face a car in front of you. You can either use the
machine gun to blow it up or use the rockets to move them out of
your way. If they get past you in any part of the race, hold L3 to
fire the machine gun and steer and hold R3 to accelerate (by
pressing it forward) and firing rockets to knock them off course.

Hint: Last Man Standing, The Final Race:
After you have completed the game and have become the Tokyo
champion, another message appears. It reads "The World Champion Of
Illegal Street Racing". However, you are not really the champion
until you defeta Shave. He has all Velocis and they have five
nitros. The best way to defeat him is to enable the "All cars" code.
Red and yellow Velocis will attempt to run you off the road.

Hint: Rarely fall off bike:
Enable the "No damage" code. When riding a motorcycle, the only way
you can fall off is when you go too far back on a wheelie.

Hint: Portapotty rocket:
Enable the "Guns and rockets" code. Go to the construction site and
find a portapotty. Fire a rocket directly at it. It will fly up, and
after three seconds it will come back down as it was before.

Hint: Disturbing portapotty comment:
If you hit a portapotty, a man will say "Leave us alone".

Hint: People falling from the sky:
Enable the "Guns and rockets" code. Cruise around a city of your
choice. Go up to a person and blast them with a rocket. After about
five seconds, the person will plummet to the ground and lay there.

Hint: Fly into the air:
Enable the "Guns and rockets" and "No damage" codes. Enter arcade
mode and select "Cruise". During game play, drive up to a wall and
press R3 to fire a rocket. You will fly into the air.

Hint: Blow people away:
Drive up to a person on the sidewalk, without running them over.
When they walk across the front of your car and are close, press L3
to fire your machine gun.

Hint: Repair damage and restore nitro:
When cruising in in career mode with damage and no nitro, find a
racer and flash your lights at him. Do not follow him. Instead,
either stay where you are or drive in the opposite direction. Ignore
the countdown. Once out of time, your damage and nitro will be as if
you just started the level.

Hint: Flip the finger:
Choose the motorcycle and go into any mode. Remain idle without
moving. After about thirty seconds, the man on the bike will turn
around and flip the finger.

Glitch: Truck standing on nose:
When in arcade mode, enable the "Guns, rockets, nitrous, and no
damage" code. Find a truck on the street. Make it stop by hitting it
a few times with your gun (not rocket). Then, pull directly behind
it. Fire your gun and rocket simultaneously at the back of the
truck. Do this repeatedly until the truck is blown into the air.
Make sure that you hit it enough times with both the guns and
rockets. If done correctly, the truck should be standing on its
nose, with the rest of the body standing straight up in the air.

Glitch: Motorcycle drives itself:
Enable the "Guns and rockets" code. Select the motorcycle, if
available. When you are about to begin a race, start to burn out.
Shift yourself towards another racer while still burning out by
using the Left Analog-stick. Press R3 to fire a missile at an
opponent. You should both explode. However when you recover, your
bike will be riding on its own. Note: Your damage meter will be very
high; if you crash and recover, your driver will be back.

This trick requires two people. Enable the "Guns and rockets" code
and start a two player cruise in arcade mode. Before the game says
"Go" hold the handbrake and accelerate at the same time. Turn while
shooting and shoot the other player off their motorcycle. If you
shoot them off before it says "Go", they will respawn without anyone
riding their bike.

Glitch: Nitrous continues firing out of the car after restarting:
Start an arcade or career mode race. At the beginning or any time
during the race, press R2 (Nitrous). Immediately restart the race
and your car will still be firing out the nitrous.

Glitch: Hit yourself with rocket:
Enable the "Guns and rockets" code. Select arcade mode, cruise, and
choose the motorcycle. Begin the cruise. While driving, Do a
wheelie. While you are on the hind wheel, release the weight
transfer button and quickly fire a rocket. Note: You must release
the weight transfer or you cannot fire a rocket. If done correctly,
after a few seconds the rocket will come down and hit you, or at
least within the vicinity of you and your motorcycle.

Glitch: Los Angeles: Get nitrous back:
Go by the airport on the left side. When you going up the ramp, hit
it and fly over the bridge. You will be sent back to start, but also
have all your nitrous back.

Glitch: Los Angeles: Earthquake:
Start a cruise in arcade mode (preferably during the day so you can
see this better) with any car. Go to the freeway entrance near the
canal. You will see the red light and "Ron's Trucking Company". Turn
around and you will see the "Candel Corp." Stop in between the red
light and the freeway. Tap the gas and the ground will start to
shake like an earthquake if you are on the correct location.

Glitch: Paris: Raining inside of Notre Dame:
Select cruise mode with one or two players and select the "Custom"
option. In the options menu, select "Time Of Day" and set it to
"Midnight". Select "Weather" and set it to "Rainy". Begin the
cruise. Go into Notre Dame, the one church that you can drive
inside, and you will notice rain falling from the ceiling.

Glitch: Paris: Drive through roof:
When you first start the level, there is a big triangle of glass. Go
to the left side of it. Nitro off of it onto the building on the
other side. You will see some windows that are also in the shape of
triangles. Use these as a ramp and go straight into the roof of the
wall. Instead of crashing, you will go through the roof and onto the
other side.

Glitch: Paris: Drive through wall:
Find the big red ramp. Go up it at an angle to the right and land on
the right-hand side building. Then, turn around. When at the edge of
the building, jump off. Try to get the furthest to the left
possible. If done correctly, you should go through the wall and fall
into nothingness, then teleport back to the beginning of the level.

Glitch: Paris: Go through ground:
Use the pyramid to get on top of the building ahead of you then
drive a short distance until you get to the ledge. Fall and while
going down, weight transfer forward and you should go through the

Glitch: Tokyo: Get inside building:
Enable the "No damage" code and drive around the circular road until
you see the building with glass. Crash into it, then face one of the
walls. Then, hold R3. If done correctly, you will fly into the air
and remain there. Next, drive into the wall that you are facing to
end up in the building. Note: This may also work with other
buildings in other cities. Also, any cars from the Night-SFL450X,
and bikes will not work with this glitch.

Glitch: Drive with a totaled car:
Enable the "Guns and rockets" code. Select any race in arcade mode
that has opponents. During the countdown, shoot the opponent in
front of you. You should start with a totaled car and can basically
"bounce off" walls. Note: In battle, this only works for the first

Glitch Tire marks in the air:
This trick requires the ability to do wheelies with motorcycles
after they are unlocked (enable the "All cars" code if needed).
Select a motorcycle and enter arcade mode in cruise mode. Go to the
Freeway. Do a wheelie into the wall that prohibits you from going
onto the other side of the Freeway. Do not go full speed into it;
just go to and put your front tire just above the wall. Once you are
on the wall, hit the gas. You may fall off the bike, but when you
look at the wall there will be tire marks in the air above it.

Glitch: Los Angeles: Flying car:
When you first start your cruise, go through the glass windows
towards your right. Do not go up the little hill. Instead, make a
left. If you see it, back up away from it towards your right. Do a
burnout by pressing R1 + X. Next, do a weight transfer, if unlocked,
and drive toward the wall next to it. You should use a Veloci
because you need to do the car wheelie towards back of the car and
into building. Your car should fly in the air and drop you on second
floor. Once there you should go off a palm tree and through the
walls, leaving you in a spot where you can do anything. You can go
through walls and even fall through the ground.

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