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Unlock Assassin Cars

Unlockable - How to Unlock
Assassin Compact Car - Get 15 Takedowns
Assassin Coupe Car - Get 60 Takedowns
Assassin Muscle Car - Get 30 Takedowns
Assassin Sports Car - Get 100 Takedowns
Assassin Super Car - Get 150 Takedowns

Unlock Classic Hotrod
Get a Gold Medal in each Special Event to get a
postcard. Then collect all Special Event Postcards

Unlock Custom Cars
Unlock these in World Tour Mode

Unlockable - How to Unlock
Custom Compact Car - Get 10,000 Burnout Points
Custom Coupe Car - Get 50,000 Burnout Points
Custom Muscle Car - Get 25,000 Burnout Points
Custom Sports Car - Get 100,000 Burnout Points
Custom Super Car - Get 200,000 Burnout Points

Unlock DX Cars
Unlock these in World Tour Mode

Unlockable - How to Unlock
Compact DX Car - Get 4 Gold Medals
Muscle DX Car - Get 10 Gold Medals
Sports DX Car - Get 25 Gold Medals
Super DX Car - Get 32 Gold Medals

Unlock Heavyweights
Collect Crash Dollars from the Crash Junctions in
World Tour Mode

Unlockable - How to Unlock
4WD Heavy Duty - Get 10 Million Crash Dollars
4WD Racer - Get 2 Million Crash Dollars
B-Team Van - Get 15 Million Crash Dollars
City Bus - Get 70 Million Crash Dollars
Heavy Pickup - Get 1 Million Crash Dollars
INT Express Delivery Truck - Get 20 Million Crash
SUV Deluxe - Get 5 Million Crash Dollars
Tractor Cab - Get 30 Million Crash Dollars

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